Nick’s B-Sides

From ‘Isla Voyeur’

Filmed by Grayson Miller & Kerrick Hall

Photo: Kerrick Hall


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NYC B-sides

Filming trips to New York, Summer 2016 & 2017


Feat. Shane Farber, Nick Hagley, Victor Gonzalez, Casey Hall, Garrett Haschke, Noah Chee-How, Grayson Miller, & Jake Vezeau

Garrett’s B-Sides


Garrett’s raw bonus footage from “Isla Voyeur”


Switch 360 flip, Photo: Kerrick Hall

“Contraception” by Casey Doran

Filmed for Widdip alongside “Isla Voyeur”, “Contraception” is another surreal glimpse at skating through Casey Doran’s lo-fi, VHS lens.

Originally included in the bonus features of “Isla Voyeur” DVDs.

Featuring Victor Gonzalez, Nick Hagley, Grayson Miller, Shane Farber, Garrett Haschke, Noah Chee-How, Kerrick Hall, & more.

Filmed & edited by Casey Doran

Dedicated to the memory of Danny Molnar