Riverbend Capsule

Widdip // Riverbend

Riverbend was a singles-only apartment complex built alongside the Chattahoochee in the early 1970s. One of many adult club complexes in the Atlanta area, Riverbend quickly rose to popularity alongside the Ramblin’ Raft Race, (aka “Woodstock on the Water”) which rode right through the complex. Celebrities and local singles flocked from all over the country to claim apartments, including Hugh Hefner. Playboy proclaimed it as ground zero of the Sexual Revolution, as it was home to daily parties featuring several hundred naked residents running about. Riverbend is, to this day, one of Atlanta’s most notorious landmarks of freedom & sexual hedonism.

Widdip has produced a capsule clothing collection paying homage to an oft-slept on page of Atlanta’s history.

Releasing 8/24/18, 12PM

‘Candid Glitter’ Leftovers

more b-sides flowin thru. Feat. Davis Dylan, Terrell Dunnings, Victor Gonzalez, Blamos Bubes, Shane Farber, Jake Vezeau, Nick Hagley, Noah Chee-How, Grayson Miller, Andrew Murrell, Judah Bubes, Garrett Haschke, Jordan Smith, Ellias Kitt, Fred Gall, Marius Syvanen & more